A review of the disquisition of government by john calhoun

Elections to the state legislature — the one control the masses could exert over the government — were often uncontested and rarely allowed the "plebeian" a clear choice between two parties or policies Calhoun considered the concurrent majority essential to provide structural restraints to governance, believing that "a vast majority of mankind is entirely biased by motives of self-interest and that by this interest must be governed".

However that may be, there is no denying the prophetic truth of one of A Discourse's wisest and most farseeing passages, in which Calhoun glimpses the twentieth-century mass-democratic political machine in action.

John C. The ultimate goal of these mechanisms were to facilitate the authentic will of the white populace.

john c calhoun a disquisition on government summary

A mere enumeration of his political offices is sufficient to establish his national stature during this critical early period. A Book by Chilton Williamson, Jr.

A review of the disquisition of government by john calhoun

If you believe he is no more than a rebellious soul bent on some outdated, predjudice driven desire to stand upon state's rights and even what that means then wait to read these.

But such is not the case. He, in his infinite wisdom and goodness, has allotted to every class of animated beings its condition and appropriate functions; and has endowed each with feelings, instincts, capacities, and faculties, best adapted to its allotted condition.

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A Disquisition on Government by John C. Calhoun