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The families who stood by their loved ones, even when it was tough. Many Americans are still unable to take time off to care for themselves and their loved ones without worrying about losing wages or their jobs. Obtaining skills, staying connected with family, and coordinating re-entry planning services are all crucial elements of a successful life after conviction and confinement, and yet LGBT people of color are disadvantaged in all of these areas. They can issue executive and administrative orders that establish policies affecting programmatic, human resources, and operational functions. It was a powerful symbol here at home, where more Americans finally felt accepted and whole, and that their country recognized the love that they felt. Despite our differences and our divisions, and the many complicated issues that we grapple with, real change is possible. The goal of achieving full legal and lived equality for LGBTQ people and their families can only be met with the support of local leaders who are in a position to make decisions that fully include and protect LGBTQ people. The description of each recommended action includes research detailing the scope of the problem the action would address, examples of jurisdictions that have taken the same or similar actions, and—where appropriate—best practices to guide officials toward developing policies appropriate for their locality. The massacre at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida, last June claimed the lives of nearly 50 people, the majority of whom identified as LGBTQ and people of color, and the number of transgender people murdered in simply for being themselves, almost all of whom were transgender women of color, was the highest yet recorded. In the U. Hello, hello, hello! So we live in an America where the laws are finally catching up to the hearts of kids and what they instinctively understand. To illustrate this, as of March 22, , more than cities and counties in states lacking comprehensive employment nondiscrimination laws covering both sexual orientation and gender identity had adopted local ordinances offering such protections.

The lawyers who argued cases. In that role, mayors, county supervisors, and other municipal officials make determinations that affect the hiring and management of public workers, the benefits afforded to them, and the terms under which contractors and grantees do business within their jurisdictions.

Executives can address this issue by including in their executive order or directive a requirement that the purchasing department must consider candidates holistically when awarding contracts under the LGBTBEs program, including taking into account sexual orientation, gender identity, race, socioeconomic background, and other factors to ensure that contracts fulfill their purpose of providing economic opportunity to underrepresented groups.

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Studies indicate that LGBTQ people often form close bonds with chosen families, or informal support networks of friends and others, due to stigma they face from their own biological families and neighbors. A previous report by CAP found that in the last half of alone nearly 7 million people gained access to paid sick leave that included an inclusive definition of family thanks to local and state initiatives.

However, legal challenges and the appointment of anti-transgender officials to the department signal an uncertain future for federal protections, making it critical for state and local governments to take action to protect their transgender employees.

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InKing County, Washington, announced plans to track the number of contracts awarded to LGBTQ entrepreneurs in order to increase the diversity of contractors utilized by the county government.

Have some champagne -- some of you already have, I can tell.

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Advancing LGBTQ Equality Through Local Executive Action