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And all because of the color of their skin. Not only does Gaines inform the reader, he entertains will his effective storytelling.

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What references to clothes occur in the novel? Deeply religious, Tante Lou supports Jefferson and Miss Emma wholeheartedly, and she and Grant often bicker despite their love for each other. Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote. They should keep journals in which they record their responses to the novel, their responses to specific questions in this guide, and their observations on their own lives, those of their families, and their communities. In Chapter 24, Grant explains to Jefferson a "myth" that continues to determine life in their community. The courthouse was there; so was the jail. Themes and Motifs 1.

In many ways also making this the theme of the book. On the other hand, Grant, who is his teacher, is faced with being looked down upon by his community all because of his race and status.

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The world into which Ernest James Gaines was born—on January 15, —is essentially the world which he has distilled into the dense and complex world of his six novels and his stories. She distrusts Grant because, in his self-centered way, he pressures her to forsake her community. Jefferson is not of noble birth, in fact in his culture his is not even average. Jefferson Jefferson is a year-old laborer from the quarter. Themes and Motifs 1. His girlfriend, Vivian, thinks that it is because he loves the people in his hometown: "I wish I could just run away from this place. Thus, instead of using his skills and talents to change the cycle of poverty and violence, Grant perpetuates the cycle by failing to challenge the system. At the end of the corridor we had to go up a set of stairs. Why does Grant wait? Half of the cells were empty, the others had one or two prisoners.

How does Gaines establish the unchanging ways of the two communities, black and white? The courthouse was there; so was the jail.

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A hypocrite, Mr.

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Grant Wiggins in A Lesson Before Dying