An examination of the factors for the increase in support of the national socialist german workers p

Local leaders such as mayors, teachers, and Shinto priests were recruited by the various movements to indoctrinate the populace with ultra-nationalist ideals.

The circumstances in the camps were atrocious.

Nevertheless, things started to look up from the mids onwards. The Fascists met little serious resistance from authorities and proceeded to take over several northern Italian cities. By whose standard? In , , voters supported the Nazi Party; the number jumped to 6. By tracing the progression of the Nazis from an unpopular fringe group to the most powerful political party in Germany, students will extend and deepen their thinking from the previous lesson about the choices that individuals can make to strengthen democracy and those that can weaken it. Hitler, like many conservative Germans, regarded both Communists and Jews as enemies of the German people. What does it mean to measure the success of a nation or its government? This picture is from the series Deutschland erwacht [Germany awakes]. It is effectively the opposite of anarchism. The Decline of European Democracy The conditions of economic hardship caused by the Great Depression brought about significant social unrest around the world, leading to a major surge of fascism and in many cases, the collapse of democratic governments. Evans, Richard J. The liberals and the leftist minority in parliament walked out in protest in what became known as the Aventine Secession. For the Nazis, this was reason to celebrate their 'national revolution', but many Germans were indifferent to the news. In July , the United States, Great Britain, and the Netherlands froze all Japanese assets when Japan completed its invasion of French Indochina by occupying the southern half of the country, further increasing tension in the Pacific.

The Nazis blamed the Jews, Communists, liberals, and pacifists for the German economic crisis. About two thousand men marched to the center of Munich where they confronted the police, resulting in the death of 16 Nazis and four policemen.

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Social Darwinism, which gained widespread acceptance, made no distinction between physical and social life, and viewed the human condition as being an unceasing struggle to achieve the survival of the fittest.

With The vagueness of the Nazi programme, its symbolic mixture of old and new, its eclectic, often inconsistent character, to a large extent allowed people to read into it what they wanted to and edit out anything they might have found disturbing.

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It formed the basis for the dictatorship.

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