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Police later arrested all four, booking them under laws banning cow slaughter and preventing cruelty to animals. Ansari had been threatened previously by members of the local cow protection group, including the accused, according to his family. Pehlu Khan was killed in the attack. On their way back, they were chased by cow protectors and Kurukshetra district police. We also interviewed 10 serving and retired government and police officials. Qasim traded cattle, mostly bulls and goats. According to one report, there was a nearly percent increase in the use of hateful and divisive language by elected leaders—90 percent of it by BJP leaders—between and , as compared to the five years before the BJP was in power.

However, the court directed the investigation to be conducted under the direct supervision of the inspector general of police in Meerut division. Pehlu Khan, Rajasthan On April 1,a mob in Alwar district in Rajasthan state accused Pehlu Khan, 55, a dairy farmer, of smuggling cows and severely beat him.

In some extreme circumstances, these syndicates have even been known to kidnap or financially disable families to coerce them into following their orders. I feel traumatised by that experience. However, the police allegedly filed a false report attributing the death to a motorbike accident.

Four were granted bail.

Cattle seized by cow vigilantes in a cow shelter in Barsana, Uttar Pradesh, June The murder and rioting case is on the backburner for now. If I stepped out, they would have killed me too. Rise in Attacks Against Minorities The rise in Hindu nationalism in India since , has fostered a climate of hate and discrimination against Muslims, Dalits, and other minority communities, leading to an increase in violent attacks against them in many parts of the country, including in the name of cow protection. Six days later, Ansari was dead, allegedly from torture in police custody. For instance, BJP minister Jayant Sinha welcomed the release on bail of the men convicted of killing Alimuddin Ansari in Jharkhand in June , following their appeal of the conviction in a higher court. The report recommended removing their names from the case based on mobile phone records as well as statements of the staff of a cow shelter. Many Hindus consider cows to be sacred and these groups have mushroomed all over the country. Their leader and Member of Parliament, Shiaka Sama, has been in jail for almost a week and two people have been killed in clashes with soldiers. In the killing of Imteyaz Khan and Mazlum Ansari in Jharkhand, the police arrested eight men, who all confessed to the killings and said they were members of a cow protection group that had previously threatened Muslim cattle traders.

They asked me to give themleones. Members of cow protection committees—sometimes alongside police—patrol streets and highways at night, stop vehicles, check them for cattle, intimidate drivers, and react with violence if they find cows.

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These vigilantes get political shelter and help. A week after the case was filed, the police arrested Tahir and Javed. Said A. The report by the global consultancy AT Kearney, based on expert interviews , highlights the heavy environmental impacts of conventional meat production and the concerns people have about the welfare of animals under industrial farming. The police response to the June mob attack on Samaydeen and Mohammad Qasim in Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh exposed complicity in covering up crimes. They asked if this was the house of the chief. Over that same period, around people were injured in over different incidents across 20 states. We had been to two different hospitals already. We are ready to kill and be killed. In September , a mob killed Mohammad Akhlaq, 50, in Uttar Pradesh state, and critically injured his year-old son, over allegations that the family had slaughtered a calf for beef. Nor did it require the state to ban cow slaughter outright.

There are lots of old videos and images doing a comeback. Even though the police admitted Khan to a hospital by p.

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Vigilante Groups Attack Minorities