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It would be young, probably something like, Archie comics, or something like that because if you actually look at our mascot, our mascot cartoon character Teeliis basically a youth F a t a h y a b 39 oriented person, who generally has fire flowing out of his hand so he is basically youth, and we have another female mascot Debbi who is actually a hip modern young girl.

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The focus was totally on the youth plus the entertainment within. Therefore, differentiation can only allow for competitive advantage if the cost of differentiating is significantly lower than the revenue earned by the sales. See when you are looking at a consumer, consumer is basically the king, right, whatever the consumer wants you have to provide it, he is basically the driver of the brand, because if your so called consumer wants sitcom to be aired on your channel you have to give that. Depending on the less branding, more branding, effective branding or re-branding, re- branding is done when the brand team thinks that in the market, the image of the product or a brand is not ascending, and from the marketing point of view, due to lack of something in the strategies or may be the image, logo, icon, symbol, price, packaging and other things as well. Assael considered consumes displaying habitual buying behaviour as consumers who did not experience the same sequence as the previous two behavioural types. It must be noted however, that differentiation comes at a cost. This competition has lead to product offerings that have become increasingly difficult to differentiate for reasons stated in Chapter 1. I learned about the factors, elements, functions, and strategies which can be used in building up the brand. Briggs and Cheek explain this by having found a correlation between consumers having positive attitudes towards a brand and that same consumer deciding to purchase the said brand. Any benefit that the brand can bring to the life of the consumer, how it changes his life.

Fatahyab 9 the target audience then who would you sell your brand to and if you are the target audience then who would you buy as a consumer.

Survey was conducted on Friday, January 13, Name, term, symbol or design intended to signify the goods or services of seller s to differentiate them from competitors 3: who are consumers?

It has functional purposes as well as emotional attraction for consumers.

Branding dissertation

Actually does a lot, generally our distribution is kind of, as appropriate as it could be, once if our distribution is probably improved we could reach out more of the target market, and another thing that we have to do is we have to explicitly state out our brand identity, because basically when people see us as a music channel, most of people probably do not correct that. Many believe that it is the iPod and the iTunes music store that saved the company from financial ruin Haddad, Bringing a new channel in the market, keeping in mind all the design, marketing and promotional aspects could be a hard job for a new channel, and building its identity side by side is another difficult task which cannot be achieved until the brand has been taken under an appropriate plan and teamwork considering consumers in the mind. Therefore, differentiation can only allow for competitive advantage if the cost of differentiating is significantly lower than the revenue earned by the sales. This can be illustrated by considering the legal music downloads industry. Advertisement and other promotional tools with the same underlying slogan is aired through various channels electronic media, print media, pamphlets, and many more which tries to create a particular desired image of the product into the mind of the consumers. For instance; internet, newspapers, commercials, billboards etc. The idea was to explore the topic further more to get the better and accurate result. Foxall and Goldsmith elaborate on this by implying that these above-mentioned associations provide the consumer with a link to the brand image of offerings in respects to the promotional tools used to further this brand image. Differentiating this consumer type is the fact that they being the process with beliefs already embedded in their mind, which they have learnt passively, rather than actively. Brand Image of a particular product is the perception of the consumers about it. It must stand for something.

New brand architecture should be developed around how youths perceive the entertainment related categories. The colours, the bold font, and most importantly the bold brand image that it has carried since the day it was launched.

It will only air those items that are liked by our young generation. The Howard-Sheth model illustrates that cognitive decision-making is the process in which consumers mentally process information that influences his or her selection of brands.

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The average Pakistani youth is the most enthusiastic consumer of entertaining TV programmes. FINDINGS: This chapter include different data collection of the research I have been doing so far, I have gone through some surveys regarding the topic of my dissertation and have taken interviews from the people who are not only relevant to my topic of dissertation, but have thorough understanding of the term, brand identity.

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