Catherine the great a woman who transformed russia into a modern country

Her policies were presented to the Russian and to the European public clothed in the language of the enlightenment.

catherine the great accomplishments

Local society was transformed on the Russian pattern: the landlords became imperial service nobles with full control over their peasants; vast new lands were parceled out to prominent officials and made available for purchase by wealthy Russian nobles, who also received the right to resettle their own serfs from the central regions.

The unrest intensified as the 18th century wore on, with more than fifty peasant revolts occurring between and Inshe conferred on the nobility the Charter to the Nobility, increasing further the power of the landed oligarchs. After the uprising broke down due to internal politics in the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth, she established in the Rzeczpospolita, a system of government fully controlled by the Russian Empire through a Permanent Councilunder the supervision of her ambassadors and envoys.

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She exchanged letters with the French writer Voltaireand writer Denis Diderot came to Russia to visit with her.

Catherine spared no effort to ingratiate herself not only with the Empress, but also with her husband and with the Russian people.

catherine the great enlightenment

However, Alexei had inherited from his great-grandmother Queen Victoria the life-threatening genetic disease hemophilia B, a sex-linked genetic disease on the X chromosome that caused a condition of deficiency in blood-clotting and excessive bleeding, symptoms that usually remain hidden unless contracted by a male Fuhrmann 37; King The traditionally held view of Peter as a person of weak character and many vices is mainly drawn from the memoirs of his wife and successor.

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Catherine the Great