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The first time through, we know only what Adam knows. You explained in the introductions to the stories collected in Eight Plus One how things that happened to your children played a part inyour writing, and The Chocolate War grew out of an experience your son Peter had.

Adam's parents brainwashed him until he gradually forgot his former name and most of the details of his early life.

He wonders aloud why Brint never asks him about his mother, and another time he is a bit hurt when Brint interrupts his reminiscences, and he says plaintively, "You sound impatient. Did your father really have to give up newspaper work?

The relationship between Adam and his father is warm and close; they enjoy spending time together, and their love and respect is obvious. Often critics look for symbolism in things that really don't exist. Obviously he sleeps nearby in the hospital, probably in a spartan room where he hangs his impeccable suit neatly in the closet.

He is shy and book-loving, and home is a warm, safe retreat from a hostile world where wise guys lie in wait at every corner.

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Whereas he was once brave enough to stand up to the government, he is now afraid of strangers on the street. The dog Adam is recalling is the animal that attacked his father in the woods, a dog that first-time readers have not yet met, except through Adam's fears.

I read it twice. Grey had kept an eye on them ever since. If the entire bike trip happened only in his imagination, what reason is there to believe that the events in the novel's other strands actually happened? Then another hint of chill—the rotten October. But that is the only detrimental effect I can come up with. Surveys reveal that this lack of trust creates feelings of disengagement rather than fear. Then another character is introduced: Amy Hertz. Cynicism like that experienced and described by Robert Cormier reaches new levels. Amy, like Adam, is an outsider, a loner.

So when they read a realistic book, they cling to it and think, here's someone telling the truth. Or is this even the same boy?

There's no perspective. And Jerry Renault still intrigues me. I think kids are being lied to so much. Farmer is cut off from his work as a writer. The biggest controversy, however, was over the tone of the novel and the decidedly unhappy ending. And it's difficult for adults as well. Jean W. Only four or five miles into the seventy-mile trip he is getting tired, but a long downhill lets him coast for a while. Perry Nodelman, in his incisive article "Robert Cormier Does a Number," has attempted to analyze the complex and unsettling experience of a first reading of I Am the Cheese. So when they read a realistic book, they cling to it and think, here's someone telling the truth. He hasthis job in an agency where he's got to keep questioning all these people, but at night he leaves the area and goes home and has a regular life…. Her last real words to Adam are a casual "Call me," and throughout his eternal bike rides he tries. I think writing is more than that. But as soon as he meets Silver in the hall, the momentary hope is blasted. I hope a book will linger with the reader.

She does the final manuscript typing, and then I usually circulate it among my children prior to publication. But this leads to anxiety, disorientation, and confusion—"that uncertainty we call suspense"—because the events of the present are not clear.

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