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The main religion of ancient Persia was Zoroastrianism, but after the 7th century this was replaced by Islam. The Mongol empire and the Achaemenid empire are two empires that are considerably different in regards to their belief systems that were practiced and the motivation behind their religious tolerance, but share a similarity Major religions have made interactions, which affected some of their ideas for what they have become now. The Parsis. This trade route extended over miles and took its name from the huge quantities of precious silk that passed along it. This religion has been around to see many different empires in history as well. Founded by the Iranian prophet and reformer Zoroaster in the 6th century BC, the religion contains both monotheistic and dualistic features. Very soon they were openly henotheistic The others, who are known as the people of the lie, or druj, followed the dreary way of evil. Sikhism and Zoroastrianism, for instance, do not strike people as having similar history or doctrines. He supported faiths and religions of his empire as long as the believers were submissive and peaceful. It was the religion of the ancient Persian Empire. Some of the similarities between the religions include: The belief of monotheism, the influence of Zoroastrianism, the significance of Abraham. At the same time Zoroaster born in a family of father name Pourushaspa and mother name Dughdova

Many valuables were exchanged along the Silk Road, not only were items traded, but new ideas as well. It will focus on the time period between the 2nd and the late 17th centuries and the places investigated will be the west, made up of Europe and the Middle-East and the east which refers to most of Asia, although in this investigation it will focus mostly on China Zoroastrianism was originally a monotheistic religion.

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Hinnells, John R. Referring to the chart, a dotted line to the movement shows that it has only tenuous links to Zoroastrianism, due to the founder's biological birth to Zoroastrian parents. In this religion, there was a prophet Zoroaster, also known as Zarathustra. This more typical understanding of what it means to be a Zoroastrian emphasizes the ethical qualities of the religion whilst attempting to remain neutral in the orthodox versus liberal debates. For example, both religions believe in dualism, which is the concept that there are two original spirits: good and evil. Zoroastrians worship only him. Sikhism and Zoroastrianism, for instance, do not strike people as having similar history or doctrines. During time, the religion depleted in size because of Mohammed, who introduced and brought the faith of Islam into the world The cultures I will observe and compare among each other will be the Asian Indian, Chinese, Chinese, Greek, Mayan and Persian Societies and from these Civilizations determine which one of these would be optimal to live in during the height of their empire While many Persians were Zoroastrians, the Greeks were more polytheistic. Zoroastrianism believed in God and the life after death. China is a 'Socialist State,' which is used in reference to a state under the control of a party that organizes the economic, social, and political dealings of the state toward the building of socialism

This victory over Lydia was significant in aiding the development. In order to preserve their own prosperity all cultures tried their own means of order through political, Philosophical, and religious ideals in order to preserve their culture from falling apart.

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As it is known for its conspiracies against the government, there are other known leverages that this secret society has. In this way, the Creator interacts with the world. Historically, a variety of other cultures and groups had once occupied the ancient Iranian plateau as early as 4, B.

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