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That is why staying in school, as long as a student can if very important when it comes to money, and their future. Financially have you ever heard of a 16 year old making a lot of money I know you have heard of an 18 year old graduate becoming successful such as Michael DellMark ZuckerbergBill Gates and Kevin Plank although they dropped out of college it was for their industry, but they all finished high school.

Even though this is not common in most states of America, girls that get pregnant while still in high school are forced to drop out so as to take care of their children. School has been diligently made to be relevant, offering courses that can help children get jobs and gain essential knowledge for their adult lives.

Increasing dropout rate of schools essay

I know there are some successful people who ended up dropping out of high school to become famous but they did not have to put as much effort as people who go through high school and college. Neither one of these options is the smartest choice, and researchers continue to attempt to find ways to lower the drop out rates They get behind and can't seem to catch up, and usually think the best thing to do is quit. First, from raising the legal age of leaving school, there are positive effects—students are dedicated to graduate, and more students do in fact graduate. There are families that have lived good lives without relaying on education. Students are only going to do what benefits them and if they think school is not a main priority in life then they are going to waste time sleeping, goofing around or "playing hooky". There is more than one reason students decide to leave school before graduating from high school. Students tend to percept teachers as their own parents and will believe in everything they are told by their teachers. To figure out a solution we need to find out why are so many Americans opting out of school today, which groups are most in danger of leaving school before graduation and what can be done to encourage young Americans to stay in school It is estimated that nearly 1. Some people propose that high school should be mandatory in order to create a more efficient and intelligent society, and hopefully lower crime A lot of smart people drop out of high school, people like Einstein dropped out at age 16 and still accomplished many things in life. Teachers who discourage students by telling them that they are good for nothing and that nothing special can come out of their heads also plays a role in making them to hate school Haley Behind all these apprehensions, there are many people suffering since they abandoned high school.

In 21 states and the District of Columbia, laws have been made to require students to stay in school until they turn 18 years old, or graduate. Furthermore, just raising the age is not going to solve everything. Students tend to percept teachers as their own parents and will believe in everything they are told by their teachers.

Is it them, the parents or the educational system; who is to blame and what can we do to try and change the decisions of future dropouts.

what happens when kids drop out of school
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School Dropout Problem in America Essay