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I love sports.

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If you completed a career assessment in high school, what did the results indicate? Ellis suggests exploring the different jobs certain majors can lead to, and how you feel about them. A minor is a secondary field you can study in while completing your major degree program. And don't forget the college career center. Sometimes, you need time, research, and reflection before you can choose a college major. Finally, engage in some serious self-reflection and ask yourself questions about your past, present, and future. Increasingly, graduates from multidisciplinary programs are more appealing for graduate programs and employers. A major is a specific subject area college students specialize in. While being undecided for awhile is fine, you probably want to have some idea of what you want to do when you start the college application process. You can also study toward a bachelor of fine arts or bachelor of architecture degree. Examples are a master of arts MA or master of science MS. Studies find that most students change majors at least once and many students switch several times.

This figure represents the total cost of a four-year program tuition, fees, books and all other expenses subtracted from the degree recipient's career earnings. When do you declare a major?

Parents 'Parents Going Back to School: Set the Stage for Your Kids' : This article from Rasmussen College looks at the benefits -- as well as the potential downsides -- for parents who are interested in enrolling in a college program.

Take a Quiz Taking a pop quiz to figure out something as important as a college major seems silly at first glance.

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Dooley, founder and president of Estrela Consulting. Students today are not limited Students today are not limited to one major field of study when it comes to choosing their degree pathway.

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You may also discover that one or both of you have bumbled into a classic misconception about a college major - the kind about starving artists and useless majors.

I'm interested in the way people make their living and how that affects society.

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How to Choose a College Major