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Think of the thesis of your summary as a caption on a picture. How you summarize an article is dependent on a few factors. Transition words can help understanding of the overall structure of a passage. You should not give your own ideas or criticisms as part of the summary. Use complete sentences with good transition words. The article author further states that Fortune, Check with your outline and your original to make sure you have covered the important points. If you want to learn how to summarize articles and use references for your work, check out the course in Udemy College Writing Essentials.

Before you actually read the article entire though, you should scan through it. Note the major points. Read the article to be summarized and be sure you understand it. If no one sentence tells the main concept, then write a summary of the main point in the margin.

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Even if they agree, they will probably write their summaries in different ways. Use complete sentences with good transition words. This time, read more carefully. Words that are repeated several times are likely to be keywords. You should now be ready to write the summary. A summary omits details, and does not include the reader's interpretation of the original. List of Author Tags. Example: In the feature article "Four Kinds of Reading," the author, Donald Hall, explains his opinion about different types of reading. Properly Summarize Each Section of the Article As you go through the article, you may notice it is broken up into different sections. Becoming a Great Writer Knowing how to summarize an article is just one aspect of writing, but you will use it a lot either academically or professionally. Be sure to restate these ideas in your own words, and to make your summary as short and concise as possible. By following these steps, you should have a thorough, clear, and concise summary in no time. Write a complete bibliographic citation at the beginning of your summary. Since people have different backgrounds and read for different purposes, it is possible that different readers will interpret a writer's message in different ways.

On the first reading, try to gain a general notion of what the article is trying to say. Author's last name also believes that The main idea should be in the first or second paragraph, probably in a thesis statement at the end of the paragraph, or in the concluding paragraph.

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Use of the same keywords or technical expressions is probably unavoidable. Writing a summary of an article is a part of paragraph and essay writing that can take a bit of time to learn.

How to write a summary of an article example

This means you have to be very careful of your word choice. However, when you read in order to write a summary, you must read in order to decide for yourself what the main points are. Of course, you can use key words or phrases. To do this, you must be willing to read the article several times. A summary should be in your own words. Read the article to be summarized and be sure you understand it. Note the major points. The sentences below show ways to do this. A summary is a great alternative to a simple paraphrase or quote when referencing a piece of work. In such cases, it is extremely important to use your own words, or quotation marks if you are actually quoting, in order to avoid plagiarism. You may find you need to leave out some of the unimportant details. Knowing how to summarize an article is an important aspect of writing. You can use dictionaries to help you come up with synonymous terms. Make sure that you identify the thesis statement and the supporting points throughout. A good summary of a chapter should probably include the main idea of each group of paragraphs or each section; a good summary of a book should probably include the main idea of each chapter, or perhaps the main idea of each section of each chapter.

Change the order if necessary, so that the main idea comes first and is followed by the supporting ideas and evidence in a logical sequence. References Serwer, A. A good summary should not include selected examples, details, or information which are not relevant to the piece of writing taken as a whole.

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Try to get a good understanding of what the article is discussing.

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