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The old road running from north to south was replaced by a new motorway. In summary, many tourist facilities were built on the island for the entertainment and tourist facilities without sacrificing trees.

You will normally be shown two maps, as above and asked to select and report the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

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Overall, the bare island has been renovated to facilitate the tourists. From to , Chorleywood covered a small area next to one of the main roads. It has a restaurant and at the south end, it has a specially designed Pier where boats come ashore. Four periods of development are shown on the map, and each of the populated areas is near to the main roads, the railway or the motorway. As compared to the cottages, which were connected through footpaths, the reception has two vehicles tracks, one surrounding the reception and one from north to south. Between the two accommodation areas, a reception building and a restaurant have been developed. Email Address. A reception was built in the middle of all accommodations, and a new restaurant is now located behind the reception. Examples: The government demolished the industrial estate and developed a sports ground. It can be seen that the two sites under consideration are in the north and the south east of the town. Between and , the old houses were rebuilt. In any Academic Task 1 question you can rewrite paraphrase the questions and this will be the first paragraph. Besides, footpath and vehicle tracks also outline a noticeable difference in fact. Count the number of changes? Are the maps to scale, if so what is the scale and units?

Few trees were cut to facilitate the construction, as can be seen. Sample Answer 2: The map illustrates the changes on an island after the construction of some tourist facilities.

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To the north of the station, a hotel has been constructed and opposite the station, to the south, there is now a business park. According to the maps, we can immediately see that there are many establishments on the island for recreations now but those were not present on the old map. From to , Chorleywood covered a small area next to one of the main roads. The footpaths were made to walk between the residing places and the beach while the motor tracks were created to visit the restaurant, reception area, and pier for boating. The first map shows nothing on the island except some trees but the second map illustrates the changes after the construction of facilities. You would also need to use specific language that shows location and change. Were the changes dramatic or negligible? A railway was constructed with the introduction of a new train station. How have the buildings and leisure facilities changed? Structure To describe two maps I advise my students to follow a four paragraph structure. Count the number of changes?

To summarise, the map summarises that a deserted island had been turned into a tourist spot for the recreation and amusement of people without destroying natural beauty.

As can be seen, only a few trees and a beach were present on the island but many tourist amenities were built afterwards.

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Meadowside, moreover, had also developed a housing estate in the west, a leisure complex and a supermarket in the south. Finally, you will also be expected to use prepositions of place, e. Many students, books and teachers overlook this type of question and it is therefore a bit of a shock when one comes up. Therefore, if you are prepared you will probably do better than most of the other students. Four periods of development are shown on the map, and each of the populated areas is near to the main roads, the railway or the motorway. Overall, tourism facilities made greater development on this island, while it became congested. Source: Cambridge English Practice Papers. These improvements make the view of the island more promising and fascinating. Without one, you are less likely to get a high score. Village of Chorleywood showing development between and Sample answer: The map shows the growth of a village called Chorleywood between and

These should be sufficient to provide the 2 sentences you need to construct the basic overview. Chorleywood Park and Golf Course is now located next to this original village area.

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Check out our essay correction service. Residential areas are located on both sides of the reception with footpath connecting them.

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The shopping centre was extended and the parking area was enlarged to allow more cars.

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