Life on marsor not essay

The source of energy would be solar energy and geochemical energy.

Life on marsor not essay

Through the naked eye it is, at best, a bright red dot, yet through a telescope it resolves itself into a world. After several years of research, the majority of scientist found that the meteorite actually had no evidence in support of life on Mars, the claim was disputed but some researchers still maintain that the evidence is present in the findings. However, life on Mars has not been determined to be completely impossible because a larger scope of research has not been done. Although there has been no evidence of life on mars previously and so there is no cumulative evidence of life in Mars. People want to be established economically hence the quest to find evidence of life on mars. But their greatest mystery the heavens have kept a secret. Perhaps one day humans will visit, and even colonize, Mars. In the end, the future of life on Mars depends on our attempt to settle on the planet and on the individuals willing to fulfill such a goal. It is positioned just next to Earth and thus scientists and astronomers believe that there could be a possibility of life on this planet just as our planet. The shuttle had cameras that returned a large number of pictures of the surface, demonstrating the changing seasons and delicacies of the stones and earth close to the stationary landers. Scientists are working day in and day out to confirm the presence of life on Mars; however, there is no concrete proof as of now. We will understand the kind of hardships faced on the planet and the joys of living there. Also, there is curiosity that drives scientists into finding more about evidence of life on Mars.

The consensus by astrobiologists is that it may be necessary to access the Martian subsurface to find currently habitable environments.

Yet the case was far from closed. If there was Life on Mars I often wonder how interesting it would be if there was life on Mars and the concept of aliens which is shown in various Hollywood and Bollywood movies was actually true.

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I have even made full-fledged plans of how I would visit the red planet if ever life is possible there. The planet mars has two ice caps at the poles that seem to be formed majorly from water. As a result of this, the land of the planet mars is largely barren. And despite intensive observation from Earth, from space and now on the ground of Mars itself, we seem to be as far away as ever from answering the three great Martian questions. Hence there has been most research on the chances of discovery of life on this planet. If I ever got a chance to be on Mars and manage things there, I would grow several plants and make sure the people who eventually come to live on the planet lead a simple life like that of a villager devoid of the high-tech gadgets that are ruining our planet, Earth. Up to date, evidence of life on Mars has not been established.

Many of these discoveries are accused of being accounted for by either terrestrial contamination or abiotic processes, but composition analysis and model experiments show that contamination cannot be held fully responsible The research done until now hints that there has never been any life on Mars nor is it inhabited with people currently.

Current international policies impose heavy financial burdens that make exploring potentially habitable regions of Mars an extra challenge.

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Meteorites that might, or might not, contain the remnants of ancient Martian bugs. Essay on Life on Mars: Studies, Experiments and Missions — Essay 7 Words Introduction: Mars is a planet just like earth due to its similarity in life sustaining properties. It is important to note that the atmosphere of mars is very much colder than that of earth. The existence of life on Mars or probably its possibility is being discussed and the studies are yet to go through a long way before a conclusion. And so it proved. The debate continues today on whether features known as recurring slope lineae RSLs form from ongoing water flows or running sand. However, the researchers for the Mars-one program have been figuring out ways to do it. Since its first identification as a planet, Mars has been the repository for fantasies and projections. Although Mars is an inhospitable planet, and people have talked about life and living on Mars, for decades, scientists are finally taking action. Numerous researches have already taken place in this regard and many others are going on.

Perhaps one day humans will visit, and even colonize, Mars. The scientists were searching for any evidence of life like bacteria but they found nothing that would indicate the existence of a life form on this planet Then inthe question of the prior existence of life on Mars was asked once more when a meteorite from the planet fell to Earth.

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They power volcanoes and earthquakes, thrust mountain ranges upwards and propel the continents around in million-year dances. Similarities: Studies and constant research have found oxygen content to be present on the surface of the red planet.

But now NASA is going sightseeing, confident enough to land its precious robots in more rugged terrain.

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Essay on Life on Mars