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Wallace was strapped to a chair with electrodes. In the variation where the learner's physical immediacy was closest, where the participant had to hold the learner's arm onto a shock plate, 30 percent of participants completed the experiment.

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The first switch was labeled 15 volts, and the switches increased at 15 volt increments until it reached volts. While the research participant now the teacher looked on, the learner was taken into the adjoining shock room and strapped to an electrode that was to deliver the punishment.

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Based on an examination of Milgram's archive, in a recent study, social psychologists Alexander Haslam , Stephen Reicher and Megan Birney, at the University of Queensland , discovered that people are less likely to follow the prods of an experimental leader when the prod resembles an order. Yet because Milgram's procedures are clearly out-of-bounds by today's ethical standards, many questions about the research have gone unanswered. So there's that sense of science is providing some kind of system for good. The learner gave mainly wrong answers on purpose , and for each of these, the teacher gave him an electric shock. Let me out, let me out, let me out" And so on! Clip 5 : The experimenter tells the participant that they must continue. That is, they are seen as legitimate. Six years later at the height of the Vietnam War , one of the participants in the experiment wrote to Milgram, explaining why he was glad to have participated despite the stress: While I was a subject in , though I believed that I was hurting someone, I was totally unaware of why I was doing so.

Let me out, let me out, let me out" And so on! When other people refused to go along with the experimenter's orders, 36 out of 40 participants refused to deliver the maximum shocks.

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Elms pointed out that while "direct comparisons of absolute levels of obedience cannot be made between the volt maximum of Burger's research design and Milgram's volt maximum, Burger's "obedience lite" procedures can be used to explore further some of the situational variables studied by Milgram as well as to look at additional variables," such as situational and personality differences.

Next, the teacher and learner were taken into an adjacent room where the learner was strapped into what appeared to be an electric chair. In reality, there were no shocks.

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Subjects were uncomfortable doing so, and displayed varying degrees of tension and stress. In fact, the replication suggests a darker picture. So do people learn best after they've been punished for making a mistake? He designed a study in which he could observe the extent to which a person who presented himself as an authority would be able to produce obedience, even to the extent of leading people to cause harm to others. Finally, Milgram varied the setting in which the experiment took place. International Journal of Psychiatry, 6 4 , A cross-cultural study of obedience. Let me out, let me out, let me out" And so on! They had no visual contact with them. The group is the person's behavioral model. Many of the participants were visibly distressed. Subjects today might be willing to go a bit beyond volts, but perhaps not to the far end of the scale after learners demand that the experiment be discontinued etc. Milgram developed an intimidating shock generator, with shock levels starting at 30 volts and increasing in volt increments all the way up to volts.

The many switches were labeled with terms including "slight shock," "moderate shock" and "danger: severe shock. When they gave answers that were incorrect, and seemed plainly incorrect to the naive subjects, about one-third of the naive subjects gave answers that conformed with the majority.

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