Military deployment and children

This is particularly true if the family has trouble with mail deliveries or pay allotments which is sometimes the case in early days of separation. Castaneda, L.

toddler acting out dad deployed

Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine,— Explore Destination: Using a map or globe, show your child where you are going and chart your route. Therefore, self-care for grown-ups is of utmost importance during this time period.

Effects of being a military child

Providing consistent, loving assurance will help alleviate this. Talk to your child openly and honestly. Signs of Distress: Even with the best laid plans and a cheerful demeanor, parents cannot always prevent their children from experiencing stress when the Reserve member is called to duty. Do a countdown on a paper chain. These fears may consciously or subconsciously trouble children. Unsurprisingly, the latter group of children experience greater levels of loneliness and social disengagement as compared to the former Castaneda et al. And it can lead to a variety of academic and behavioral challenges for children. Access these resources for your family and connect with other military members who understand your circumstances. They want to be listened to and understood.

If your child's teacher is informed of the situation, he or she may be able to understand and cope with any behavior changes your child might have. Among a host of benefits available to active duty families is an education system tailored for military families.

Preschool or Kindergarten Age Children Clinging to people or favorite toy or blanket.

Toddler acting out during deployment

During war, a child may feel their world is less safe and predictable. Put up a bulletin board in your home with maps, pictures, and accumulated postcards and letters that come from your spouse. Do not lie to your child in an attempt to shield him or her from the truth or they may assume something worse. Take a picture a day to send to your spouse. Choosing adults over same-age play mates. References Acion, L. Consistent with studies documenting an increase in the use of mental health services among children of active-duty service members during the past decade e. Developmental issues impacting military families with young children during single and multiple deployments. Major military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have since ceased but the resulting instability of the Middle East almost certainly ensures future intervention. Try to stick with your regular routines as much as possible during the deployment period. A child quickly picks up on how mom or dad is feeling about the other parent being away. Younger children should be shielded from this kind of news as much as possible. The teacher may use maps and chart your travels with the class! And try to schedule longer opportunities to spend quality time together on weekends and during vacations.

Whether you choose to do letters, packages, cards, or videos, regular communication is important for your child. This is important even when your spouse returns home.

challenges of being a military child

They may feel responsible that a parent is going away or feel that the parent does not love them any more. They may not fully understand why Dad or Mom is gone and they may worry about their safety.

Sometimes children need to hear reassuring things over and over again -- remind the child of this as often as possible.

the impact of deployment on us military families
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How to help your child cope when your spouse has a military deployment