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That's why also dynamics is highly impressive. Without her, I would have been running around telling the catering when to start and where they should be, telling our DJ where to set up and getting my family together for pictures.

Summary It is not a turntable that will delight everyone. The school was Gender specific at our time so male and female students were taught separately. Reference stops half way here — it has its own idea about how to present such records — it does not emphasis downsides but it doesn't try to hide them either.

Sound delivered by vinyl is so tangible, so real, so natural! In I decided to give audio another try and with some help I built some tube amplifiers. Nichole was so helpful with planning our wedding. Because that's how Reference sounds — it delivers large scale, rich, smooth, precise and energetic performance.

I was even a member of our national team from til Robert and Jakub started a band called Crab Invasion. This turntable delivers a very open, dynamic, tonally balanced, fluid, wonderfully differentiated performance.

She met with me several times throughout the planning stages to go over every detail.

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