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Investigations revealed that the off the public radar move and quiet disengagement months after their mother was booted out of office was strategic.

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Sarki Labaran Engr. Reported by The Nation. Oboden also asked for an order appointing himself, seventh defendant, Christiana, first defendant, Oskar and eighth defendant, Jero, as administrators of the Ibru estate and an order directing them to apply to the 16th defendant for the grant of letters of administration for the estate.

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It is not clear what step Obaro and Oboden intend to take next, as regards employment. Okpu Ray Ufoma Okpu 3,, Dike Engr Matthew A. Cecelia Ibru was booted out of office- along with four other bank chiefs- for charges bothering on mismanagement of funds to the point of mind boggling criminality.

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