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12th tamil one mark questions and answers

What is reproduction? Define fragmentation What are meiocytes? Mention the vegetative propagules of angiosperms 5. Name the two reproductive cycles in mammals Who was the Chairman? What is cell differentiation? What is embryogenesis? Chara is called monoecious plant why?

What is reproductive cycle? What are gemmules? What are seasonal and continuous breeders? A tradition that aims to bring together different beliefs and practices, seeing their essential unity rather than their difference 20 Name the movement that spread in Mekong Hoa Hao.

12th english one mark questions with answers

Bring out the differences between external and internal fertilization Define the following terms Monoecious DioecioUS. Who was the Chairman?

one mark questions for 10th social science cbse

Alluri Sitaram Raju claimed that he could make correct astrological predictions and heal people, and he could survive even bullet shots. Compared to internal fertilization the external fertilization is disadvantageous to the animal 9. PrinceCuong De.

12th english one mark questions with answers

What are meiocytes?

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DBMS One Mark Questions