Organisational factors influencing delegation

Availability of Capable Persons: The element of delegation is linked to the availability of subordinate managers. Some managers deliberately do this because of lack of confidence in their supervisory abilities. If decision making is closer to the place of action it will save time, paper work is reduced, misunderstandings in con-1InUllication can largely be eliminated.

demerits of delegation

When the work increases the need for delegation arises. Among the most important of these are governmental controls, national unionism, and tax policies. Inadequate Information and Resources: The subordinate lacks the information and resources needed to do the job successfully.

In such a situation the things are decided at head quarter level and are applicable at all levels. Love for Authority Manager with autocratic nature might not want to delegate authority to subordinates.

Organisational factors influencing delegation

If controls are not adequate and effective, manager has good reason to avoid authority delegation. The pace of change The fast-moving character of an enterprise also affects the degree to which authority may be decentralized.

This makes possible speedy decisions, keeps executives from spending time coordinating their decisions with many others, reduces the amount of paperwork, and improves the quality of decisions by reducing their magnitude to manageable proportions.

Though delegation is a powerful tool to motivate the subordinates and to develop managerial skills in them, if adequate care is not exercised the result may be considerable anxiety for both superiors and subordinates. Manager may also fear that the subordinate may be a contender for manager's post if he gets more authority.

Second, the superior may feel that his subordinates just do not require more authority than they have been delegated.

factors to consider when delegating tasks

They may wish to ensure that customers will be treated alike with respect to quality, price, credit, delivery, and service; that the same policies will be followed in dealing with suppliers; or that public relations policies will be standardized.

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Which factors influence degree of delegation?