Recruiting and selecting sales personnel

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A sales job description also represents the challenges of the job. Resigning and retiring of existing salesmen 3. Arrange route for best coverage. You remember how you really had to scramble to cover her territory during her maternity leave by requiring other salespeople to cover parts of her territory. Follow the steps in the sales force recruitment process. Application forms Weighted application forms place more importance on the following: years of selling experience employment length career objectives educational level 2. Because of the costs associated with these measures, companies try to narrow down the number of applicants in each round of hiring. Making investments in a business's assets makes a great deal of sense, because these investments will bring a return. Build relationships with channel partners. What kinds of customers will be contacted, and what problems do they have? Planning for Recruitment and Selection 6 Recruitment and Selection Objectives: The things the organization hopes to accomplish as a result of the recruitment and selection process. Many of their contacts have potential as sales personnel — indeed, many now sell for other firms. How much is clerical or non exempt work. Structured interview Types of in-depth interviews 2.

A successful sales team leads to profitability and future growth. Many have training in general business, marketing, and sales techniques.

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Let us discuss both terms separately. Learning Objective Examine the rationale and process of recruiting and selecting salespeople Key Points Recruitment can be costly and time consuming.

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It is more common for the personnel department to handle certain but not all, aspects of recruiting and preliminary screening and for the sales department to handle other aspect of recruiting and screening and to make the hiring decisions.

Cover Letter and Resume Applications received from candidates interested in the opportunity are reviewed carefully.

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Follow the steps in the sales force selection process. Initial socialization Types of socialization 2. Determine duties and responsibilities expected from the salesperson. A successful sales team leads to profitability and future growth. Arrange route for best coverage. What is the likelihood of relocation? Maintain loyalty for the company. The aim should be to recruit the best qualified applicants regardless of the sources from which they come.

Selection refers to activities involved in choosing qualified candidates that have the greatest aptitude for the job. Automated screening techniques Automated screening speeds the gathering and analysis of data from applicants.

Selective hiring helps prevent the costly turnover of staff and increases the likeliness of high employee morale and productivity.

Recruiting and selecting sales personnel

Check stock; identify possible product uses.

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Recruiting and Selecting Salespeople