Science and pseudoscience essay

Observations can be verified and measured. It is certainly not, but people want to believe what to believe. In a meaningful description of the physical world we live in, mathematical or factual or logical contradictions simply could not exist. In many cases, the fact is that science has no interest in the supposed phenomenon because there is no evidence it exists; in other cases, the scientific explanation is well known and well established, but the pseudoscientist is not aware of it or deliberately ignores it to create mystery.

The brightness of the Sun prevented this effect from being observed under normal circumstances, so photographs had to be taken during an eclipse and compared to photographs taken at night. Real research is never done. Thus a statement may be pseudoscientific even if it is eminently 'plausible' and everybody believes in it, and it may be scientifically valuable even if it is unbelievable and nobody believes in it.

Pseudoscience can be extremely dangerous. According to Lakatos, the typical descriptive unit of great scientific achievements is not an isolated hypothesis but "a powerful problem-solving machinery, which, with the help of sophisticated mathematical techniques, digests anomalies and even turns them into positive evidence".

science vs pseudoscience essay

Standards require the scientific method to be applied throughout, and bias to be controlled for or eliminated through randomizationfair sampling procedures, blinding of studies, and other methods. This is all he said. Popper used astrology and psychoanalysis as examples of pseudoscience and Einstein's theory of relativity as an example of science.

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Science and Pseudoscience