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We emphasise that Dr Siklos' book is free to download in PDF format as well as being available as a paperback to purchaseand we recommend using this link rather than links on some third-party sites.

There are also a number of commercial resources that the Faculty neither endorses nor recommends, since there are more than enough free resources. Sketch the locus of these points.

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I bought this book called Art of Problem Solving: Volume 2 and then returned it after 2 days. Candidates may enter for as many as they wish, although this is often dictated by the STEP offers they hold. Then the locus of points that are a fixed distance call it d from L measured along lines through A is called a conchoid of Nicomedes. You may think that the setters are trying to set difficult questions or to catch you out. Try underlining your conclusions. You may be worried that the examiners expect some mysterious thing called rigour. If you compare a 9 minute question with a 45 minute question, of course the 45 minute question looks very hard! All papers are checked at least twice to ensure that all of a candidate's non-crossed-out solutions have been assessed. Usually, nothing could be further from the truth: they are probably doing all in their power to make it easy for you by trying to tell you what to do.

Note: even though the specification for STEP in onwards has changed from that in previous years, the style of the questions is unaltered and questions from previous papers can be used for preparation.

The Admissions Testing Service has a dedicated STEP websitewhich has all the details of the examination method of entry, dates, syllabus, etc as well as downloadable past papers. Nevertheless, it is extremely important that you present ideas clearly, and show working at all stages.

In general, thinking about the problem is much more important than getting the answer. Whilst students are permitted to answer as many questions as they choose, they are advised to attempt no more than six, and their final grade is based on their six best question solutions.

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Faculty of Mathematics,. If you are preparing for the examination but not in the actual examination! Reread the question to look for clues — the way it is phrased, or the way a formula is written, or other relevant parts of the question. In recent years, you only had to give good not perfect answers to four questions for a grade 1. All the questions that are attempted by a student and not crossed out will be assessed. Calculators may not be used during STEP. Find all the resources at maths. For example: if you have written the series for log. Markers are closely supervised by a team of marking supervisors, usually senior teachers, who are responsible for the mark scheme and by a senior Mathematics assessment expert. Have you made it clear when you have come to the end of a particular argument? Full solutions are available to guide you if you get stuck. Each question is marked by a small team who coordinate to ensure their question is marked fairly and that all correct solutions are given appropriate marks. From onwards, candidates will no longer be issued with a formulae booklet; instead they will be expected to recall, or know how to derive quickly, standard formulae. All the required standard formulae are given in an appendix to the new specification. Its difficult appearance is largely due to it being very different in style from what you are used to.

This includes: online modules for individual additional study, starting in the summer of Y12 and released weekly These resources are free and open to everyone.

The best preparation for STEP is to work through past papers.

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They therefore look daunting; but you should not be daunted.

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Preparing for STEP