Success of the coca cola company

Furthermore, song lyrics were added to the bottles' packaging, letting fans share music, instead of just names.

Success of the coca cola company

InCandler decided to ditch the syrup side of coke and instead focused on the soda side. Consumers were encouraged to find bottles with names that held personal meaning to them, share them with friends and family, then tweet about their experiences, using the hashtag ShareaCoke.

coca cola brand awareness

Coca-Cola is 'delicious and refreshing'. The "Share a Coke" campaign became a raging success in America, for the following four chief reasons: 1.

Together with Evocalize, Coca-Cola sought to connect fans with the music they love. With thousands of different products and packaging designs that vary among regions, a global marketing plan focused on the products themselves would be challenging to manage.

According to researchers, Coca-Cola is available in every country, including Cuba and North Korea through the grey market.

coca cola branding history

One mistake he however made was to limit Coca-Cola to the soda fountains.

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How Coca Cola became the most recognized brand in the world