The 18th party congress and foreign

The 18th party congress and foreign

Some suggest waiting for the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Party Congress to see whether the Xi-Li Administration is serious about introducing meaningful political reform. We should be community- and people-focused in our cultural work, carry out at a faster pace key cultural projects that benefit the people, increase support for promoting cultural progress in rural areas and underdeveloped areas and open more public cultural service facilities to the public free of charge.

Despite fierce power struggle and factional rivalry, no attempt was made to challenge the pre-agreed setup that involved Xi becoming CCP general secretary and Li Keqiang being named premier. We have promoted reform in global governance, enhanced world peace and development, secured more representation and a greater say for China in international affairs, and created favorable international conditions for China's reform and development.

To achieve new victory for socialism with Chinese characteristics under new historical conditions, we must have a firm grasp of the following basic requirements and make them shared convictions of the whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups in China.

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By doing so, we will open up a new horizon in promoting China's cultural advance: The Chinese nation's cultural creativity will continuously burst forth; China's cultural life will flourish as never before; people's basic cultural rights and interests will be better protected; the ethical and moral standards as well as the scientific and cultural standards of the people will be fully raised, and the international influence of Chinese culture will steadily increase.

We should adopt policies and measures to better facilitate the development of the real economy. We should ensure that leading officials are guided by law in both thinking and action in their effort to deepen reform, promote development, solve problems, and maintain stability.

Major progress has also been made in strengthening the ranks of Party officials; and new progress has been registered in managing qualified professionals.

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We should encourage people to willingly meet their statutory duties and obligations to society and family. Marked progress has been made in developing the social security system; the basic old-age insurance system covering both the urban and rural population has been fully established, and a new type of social assistance system is taking shape.

We should fire all types of market participants with new vigor for development, increase motivation for pursuing innovation-driven development, establish a new system for developing modern industries, and create new favorable conditions for developing the open economy.

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18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China