The culture of the african people

They now seem to be struggling to maintain their culture and traditions. It is part of the African world-view to treat the environment in which he finds himself with respect: the African cooperates with nature and does not try to conquer it.

This shows that every human being who grows up in a particular society is likely to become infused with the culture of that society, whether knowingly or unknowingly during the process of social interaction.

The culture of the african people

Europeans first settled in Africa in the midth century near the Cape of Good Hope, at the southern end of the continent.

Throughout the continent, the people practice many religions, speak a wide variety of languages and reside in numerous kinds of dwellings. They must know the traditional songs and must also be able to improvise songs about current events and chance incidents. Whether we are aware of it or not, the society we live in has ways of daily forcing its values on us about what is good, right and acceptable.

african values

He who jumps the highest attracts the best bride. Now, it should be known that force has its own limits in bringing about change as it is impossible to spell out every bit of a people's ways of life and formulate legislations to cover them.

Somolu: 0baroh and 0gbinaka Publishers. Sorcerers and diviners are seen to be mediating between God and man and interpreting God's wishes to the mortal.

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17 African Cultural Values (To Know Before You Travel to Africa)