The current issues of education in cambodia

Girls without an education are also at a higher risk of falling into human trafficking see article on Migrationsexual exploitation, forced labor or early marriage. Having children to work before going to school can affect their literacy and numeracy test scores, by nine percentage points after accounting for the differences in school quality.

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It is clearly stated that the textbooks are banned by the government of any sales and republishing and are freely provided to every student. Many social norms prevent women from interacting with male business owners and government officials which makes it difficult for women to obtain information, grow their business and get the same treatment than male business owners.

Also, the government should participate in this process by eliminating the corruption of the elites as much as possible.

Quality of education in cambodia

So what prevents girls from attending school? Since , the number of children enrolled in preschool programmes has more than doubled. Booth, This further deters children from attending schools as they cannot afford to pay for the informal school fees. This is not just a small problem that happens only in some minor parts of the government or at a few places; the corruption in Cambodia is happening everywhere, from the top elites to the small kids who have just enrolled for a few years in primary school. Teachers often have to use their own money to buy items like chalk. Moreover, the government should give more attention the renovation of the education system and find methods to increase the salary for teachers so that they will have enough income to support their living standards.

Joined by our partners, we work to build effective leadership and management among government officials and education staff. Schools were abandoned, and teachers and scholars were killed mercilessly. We also advocate positive parenting in communities. Nowadays education in Cambodia is starting to improve.

We do this to stimulate a demand for education so that girls and boys are increasingly nurtured by parents and communities to attend and complete early childhood and basic education. Hence, the government or Ministry of Education should find aid from NGOs and other donors for the purpose of installing necessary facilities for students to do their research so that they can prove the theories they learn.

By survey, 92 percent of the children should have completed primary education until the final grade. The government continues to allocate substantial public budget to education, and UNICEF is building on current momentum to reform the education sector.

After waking up from this tragedy, Cambodia still has major problems tampering the education system, including corruption, poverty and mismanagement. Knowing English can provide more career opportunities and benefits to Cambodian workers.

Higher education in cambodia

They are speaking up, and are reshaping their society and their role to play to develop their country. But reports show that the dropout rate among female students starts to go up with their grade improvement. But as we have seen from the interviews, Cambodian women are not victims. Unfortunately, when the Khmer Rouge regime took over, schools were ordered to close down. Inadequate learning in the early years of life, coupled with insufficient nutrition, leaves children developmentally behind. Gender roles in Cambodia are undergoing significant change. Moreover, most parents fear that their daughters will start flirting with boys, dating or even having sexual relationships. Yet, those textbooks can be seen on sale in every bookstore in the country, and yet students who are trying to get better education do not have even a textbook to read. When asked about their consciences of being educated people and who hold the responsibility for nurturing the young minds of the next generations, the most thoughtful of them would say that their consciences are not dead. This means tackling the barriers that keep children away from school, such as poverty, remoteness, stigma and discrimination. They rather prefer to keep them close to keep an eye on them. Cambodia is in the process of rebuilding its education system, profoundly shattered since the Khmer Rouge regime. Furthermore, those who manage to find alternative places to live in are facing the risk of being drawn into an increasingly rampant drug culture or being coerced into prostitution. Moreover, it is difficult for women to find decent job opportunities, social protection and equal paid work which affect their vulnerability.
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Main Problems in Cambodian Education System