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Socrates did not hesitate to do this, although coming to an agreement with Euthyphro could have saved his life. The purpose of establishing a clear definition is to provide a basis for Euthyphro to teach Socrates the answer to the question: Socrates seeks a definition of "piety" that is a universal universally trueagainst which all actions can be measured to determine whether or not the actions are pious.

Fresco, St He was considered a very wise man by the Athenians.

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Second definition[ edit ] Euthyphro's second definition: Piety is what is pleasing to the gods. When society hears the word piety, they think of worship for God or religious fulfillment of sacred obligations. In its case, the virtue is piety. His questioning of Euthyphro may have been due to his innocent curiosity. The Greek comic poet, Aristophanes, had depicted Socrates in a play in B. What I am trying to say, regardless of what belief a person might entail, they must follow anyway because the god will follow to. This essay will explain in detail the Apology as well as focus on Socrates statement. Even hours away Socrates' Trial words - 3 pages was the influence of Meletus and his hand in the trail. He may have been expressing critical thought and encouraging society to understand the variation of individual perception, and the distinction of human existence. On account of the dialogue's dual effect -- the presentation of Socrates' spirit as well as the Greeks' inability to define piety -- explanations for its incompleteness often place too much emphasis on Socrates and, as a result, fail to unearth its true genesis. Even though Socrates feels that Euthyphro has courage for prosecuting his own father on a charge that can be seen as disputable, Euthyphro mentions that he still knows everything about the true meaning of being holy.

However, when Socrates attends the king's court on charges of impiety by Meletus, he encounters Euthyphro there who is going to prosecute his own father for accidentally killing one of his workers. In Euthyphro's initial dialogues with Socrates he is in the process of prosecuting his father for the murder of a murderer.

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In its case, the virtue is piety. The significant problem that was created is what identified as holy. Therefore, Socrates' method of inquiry to acquire knowledge of the spiritual was unacceptable and threatening to Athenians.

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