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Meanwhile, her brother is getting engaged, her mother's new husband is cheating with his secretary, and her friends are all having problems of their own.

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Read Dessen's other work--she's a great young adult writer and storyteller--just don't bother with This Lullaby. Dessen's writing isn't the problem. She has been married numerous times, each time changing her outward personality to match her newest husband, yet still believes in love despite her failed relationships, in direct contrast to Remy's view on love.

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Lucas — Lucas is the keyboardist for Truth Squad. The plot and characters are the deadweight in this story. The song, called "This Lullaby," became extremely popular, but he died soon after its release. Scarlett later finds him "immature" and "not husband material" as John Miller points out while he is drunk at the Quick Zip. Unlike the others, he is uptight about everything and feels very deeply about how their music is accepted and understood. One of these photos is evidence of Remy's stepfather's affair, and Remy mistakenly believes Dexter shows it to her on purpose to hurt her. She is generally very emotionless, and clashes a lot with Chloe. The characters are shallow and boring, and the plot is too predictable. Gangly and sociable, he bumps literally into Remy at her stepfather-to-be's car dealership, claiming to have sensed a special bond with her. A lifelong bachelor, he has habits that annoy both Chris and Remy: his paintings and statues, which often seem to have sexual or violent themes, and his pyramids of Ensure cans. Remy describes her as "big," but not fat.

In addition to Remy's above-mentioned flaws, she's abusive in relationships, which causes the reader to wonder why in the world anyone like Dexter would like her. Lola often raves about his perfect hands and the fact that he is bilingual.

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He is messy and a musician, two of her least favorite traits. The song becomes a one-hit wonder, and Remy constantly hears it in her life. Dexter's dog is named Monkey because he wanted a monkey when he was ten, but got a dog instead.

Towards the end of the book, he and Jennifer Anne state that they are engaged to get married. He breeds lizards in his room.

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