Us bilingual education system does not work and is a complete failure

Office of Education. Special Education. By stressing linguistic skills, bicultural programs may have diverted Hispanic students from making their way in such fields as engineering and computer science, seriously neglected by Chicanos and Puerto Ricans, nearly half of whom graduate in fields that are less financially remunerative.

The result was very encouraging. Ford enrolled Mexican school dropouts in a 4-toweek technology institute program covering gasoline engines, mechanical drawing, and mathematics. It hasn't been tried.

arguments against bilingual education

A hundred and fifty parents with children in Brooklyn public schools filed a lawsuit in September ofcharging that because their children routinely remained segregated in bilingual programs in excess of three years, and in some cases in excess of six years, contrary to section 2 of the State Education Law, these children were not receiving adequate instruction in English, "the crucial skill that leads to equal opportunity in schooling, jobs, and public life in the United States.

Given such cultural multiplicity, and bilingualism and cultural maintenance programs--anti-immigrationists argue--the United States may split linguistically and spiritually in future. The picture of a bilingual Mexican-American fighting for his children's right to learn in English is symbolic of the complexities, indeed, the paradoxes, that surround the subject of bilingual education in American public schools.

Bilingual education in the united states

Some Mexican American activists argued that they had gained less than blacks from the poverty programs of the s or that Hispanics were less fairly represented than blacks in the state and federal bureaucracies. They strongly favor bilingual education because young children are very quick to pick up languages, and it would be beneficial for both Latino and Caucasian students to be fluent in both Spanish and English. The length of time necessary in a bilingual program will vary from student to student, but the fact that English speaking children spend four or five years in English language acquisition in the home before facing academic tasks in school should be recognized. The men and women from Quebec became "Franco-Americans" and thereafter Americans. All these efforts combined to form a powerful lobby to push for bilingual education and to mobilize more federal funds for this and related purposes. This is why, while weeding out uninspired teachers would be worthwhile, the most useful reform of public education remains more money. Recent Dutch studies show that Muslim students in segregated classrooms do worse than those who are in integrated classrooms, while most Dutch parents choose schools based on the socioeconomic status of students already enrolled, not on the school's academic performance. Unlike the amended legislation, the court did not specify a particular educational technique. Between and , the electorate approved 73 percent of school bonds; between and , the number dropped to 48 percent.

Quality school experiences cannot fully compensate for deprivation in preschool years.

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The Myth of Public School Failure