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World Bank. Taylor, D. Finally, the study recommends that further research on VCA and performance should be conducted on the food production industry as a whole.

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 14 251— The customer satisfaction survey revealed that out of respondents, The project corresponds to 30 ECT credits and was performed during a period of 20 weeks in the summer and fall of The study shows the importance of this sector and the number of participants who can benefit from the findings on this research project.

Jones, D.

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Germany: University of Duisburg. Gereffi, G. Value chain management and postharvest handling: Partners in competitiveness. Supply chain relationships: Making the transition to closer integration. North, D. In INEF report. Reuther, J. For example, for inbound logistics primary activity you can mention about the nature of raw materials the company uses and write about the numbers and location of suppliers. Zaheer, A. Businesses need to engage in value creation via their primary and support activities in order to survive in the marketplace. London: Pearson Education. Cruickshank, J. Horticultural varieties of citrus. This depends on the choice of cost advantage or differentiation business strategy by company.

Davis, J. Exploring the effects of interorganizational and interpersonal trust on performance. Lindic, J.

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Identifying the determinants of value in the U.

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Value Chain Analysis and Performance of the Kenyan Good Food Company