Why it is too hard to

With the specific phrases too hard and to hard, however, should you use too hard or to hard?

use too in a sentence

Don't run from it. His will too strong to bend, too proud to learn. Then, notice five things you can see, four things you can hear, three things you can feel, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste.

Trying too hard

D2 steel is too hard for the standard wheel on the surface grinder; you must install a special wheel to work this material. I regretted giving up so soon and in a way that impacted two very special young children. I know now that the point at which you most want to give up is often the time you most need to push through. A person who finds something to be too difficult will almost always attest that it is also very difficult. Plus get my brand new guide to help you get into action and follow through on your creative desires. Too is a comparative adverb. But no more. Return to your feelings later by reading what you put onto the page.

Jen P. But no more.

To difficult

In video gaming, "difficulty" often does not refer to how difficult a game is in general, but rather to a setting of the game, often chosen by the player in the menu or at the beginning of the game. To hard, even though it sounds the same, is technically a prepositional phrase. I regretted giving up so soon and in a way that impacted two very special young children. If I quit now, will I regret it? These ideas are explored in my book The Life Organizer — available now for pre-order in paperback. The fact is, we all face times in our lives when we feel the coldest depths of despair, when the only thing we feel like doing is going somewhere quiet, staring at the ceiling, and crying. Without further context and information, I cannot tell you which one you should use, but hopefully, with this information, you should be able to compare the words and figure which one is better suited to your context for yourself. Thus, something that is too hard is excessively solid or more difficult than someone can endure.

Trick to Remember the Difference Most of the time, you should use too hard. At least not without an equal amount of effort to change it back. The distinction comes down to the homophones to and too, which also have another homophone in the number two.

trying too hard at work
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